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We advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions and the PRIVACY POLICY before using this website. If you cannot understand or agree to the conditions and policies hereinafter mentioned, please exit the website immediately and refrain from visiting this website in the future. By using “studypage.com” (hereinafter also referred to as “studypage”) you explicitly accept the terms and conditions morefully described below, the privacy policy of “studypage” and the disclaimer and other related documents. Studypage means and includes its affiliates, employees, management, directors, partners and owners. These terms and conditions and the privacy policy of “studypage” may change anytime with or without prior notice. These terms and conditions shall apply to all users of this website.

These terms and conditions shall apply to all users of this website.


Temporary License is granted to all visitors of “STUDYPAGE” to freely use the services provided by this website. Users of “STUDYPAGE” shall be responsible for the control of access and use of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer or any other device used to access this or a third-party website directed via this website, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password. “STUDYPAGE” is a community based study portal intended for both children and adults.


Any information, concept, idea or theory that is available on the website is meant for educational purposes only. “STUDYPAGE” does not guarantee the accuracy or the fitness of the information provided.


All material provided by “STUDYPAGE” is intended for the personal use of the user. The user hereby agrees that the information or material provided by the website will not be put to any commercial use or used to gain profit. The user agrees not to re-sell any and all material obtained through “STUDYPAGE”


Any person under the age of 18 shall ask for the assistance and supervision of an adult when registering with the website and every time when making contact with a third-party who can be contacted through “STUDYPAGE”.


All users hereby agree not to post, comment or send abusive content using the website. Where abusive content is found to be posted or sent by an account, such account would be dealt under Clause 8 of this document.

Posting explicit content including nudity or violence is penalized and shall be reported to “STUDYPAGE”.


“STUDYPAGE” shall not be liable for any communication between and by the users of this website, through this website or through a channel outside this website.

In the case of minors, parents/guardians hereby agree to monitor all activity done by the minor and to ensure the safety of the minor.

Users agree not to share personal information including personal media with any other user through this website. No user shall procure a meeting for any reason with a minor by using any this website.

Users further agree to keep all conversations

Any user may subscribe to the services of “STUDYPAGE” and by doing so, a user consents to be contacted through email.


“STUDYPAGE” shall not charge a fee from its visitors or users. “STUDYPAGE” reserves the right to amend this section.


If “STUDYPAGE” comes to notice that a user is behaving in such a way that poses a threat to the study community, the account(s) related to such user will be cancelled or removed.

If a User provides false details when registering, “STUDYPAGE” may cancel such account.


“STUDYPAGE” reserves the right to discontinue its services with or without prior notice.


Where any part of this instrument fails or becomes invalid, void, illegal or ineffective, the remaining parts shall prevail and have full force of law.