Feature Kiswahili for diaspora

Kiswahili for Diaspora

We offer kiswahili classes for students in diaspora mainly targeting children whose parents originated from a swahili speaking country, example Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi etc. This classes are also tailored to anyone interested in learning swahili

We offer this classes in three levels

Kiswahili for beginners

Kiswahili Intermediate class

Kiswahili Advanced class

Course duration for each class is 12 weeks

Cost is $120 per level can be paid in installments of $40 per month

Feature Kiswahili for diaspora
  1. 1. Register
  2. 2. login
  3. 3. Click on online classes
  4. 4. Select kiswahili for diaspora- new student this will give you more information about the class

if interested click enroll Email: globalstudypage@gmail.com